Number of Brokerage Accounts Exceeds Half a Million

As of October 1, 2022, the number of brokerage accounts in KCSD’s nominee holding system exceeded 573 thousand, with 443 thousand being holder subaccounts and 130 thousand – accounts recorded via omnibus accounts. Compared to the similar figure of the last year, the number of subaccounts has more than doubled. Let us recall that as of January 1, 2022, the number of subaccounts was about 220 thousand — this is half the current number.

Kazakhstanis began to actively explore the securities market largely due to the simplification of the process of opening a brokerage account. In turn, this became possible due to the emergence of new digital applications from Kazakhstan brokers and remote personal identification with the use of biometric data. We hope that the number of active investors will only grow, ” says Adil Mukhamejanov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Central Securities Depository.

Based on KCSD’s data on holders’ subaccount the age ratio remains stable. As before, the largest share of retail investors is the group aged 35–54 (35.6%) . The share of investors aged 25–34 is 30.6%, and that of 18–24 – 19.2%. The share of investors aged over 55 keeps on reducing (14.5%). The least number of retail investors is the group aged under 18. The share of brokerage accounts opened in the name of minors is not more than 0.1% of the total number of accounts.

In terms of gender ratio, the share of retail male investors is 56.3%, and that of women is 43.7%. At the same time, the number of women among the owners of brokerage accounts has almost doubled since the beginning of the year.

Territorial leadership, as before, belongs to Almaty (21.8%), Astana (10.7%) and the Turkestan region (9%). Least of all brokerage accounts are opened in the north of the country, especially in the North Kazakhstan region (1.5%).

The popularity of omnibus accounts is growing. Based on KCSD’s data as of October 1, 2022 the number of investors served via omnibus accounts by KCSD’s participants comprised almost 130 thousand people. This is three times more than at the beginning of August.

"Starting this year, individual banks with a brokerage license began to actively work to attract retail investors to the securities market. This caused an increase in the number of investors served via omnibus accounts. Given that the omnibus account provides for a possibility to optimize and reduce back office costs for opening and maintaining brokerage accounts, banks are willing to choose this way of servicing their clients in KCSD, ” explains Adil Mukhamejanov.