Central Securities Depository: from Traditional to Innovative Brand

In April 2022, the Central Securities Depository presented to the public its rebranding results: corporate look, a renovated office and a new approach to positioning itself as an infrastructural organization of the Kazakhstan financial market.

This year the Central Securities Depository celebrates its 25th anniversary. During this period, the Depository has ensured a steady pace and positive growth in all types of its activities, having implemented strategically important projects for both market intermediaries and retail investors.

Today, the key mission of the Central Securities Depository is to promote the development of the Kazakhstan financial market as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of high-tech products and services. That is why the Central Securities Depository has taken a steady course towards a technological upgrade of all services and communication channels.

“Last year we updated the KCSD Business Development Strategy. One of its key areas has become the expansion of the service range for the market players and making the existing customer services more convenient. The ‘digital’ transition is aimed, first of all, at the satisfaction of clients’ growing need for high-quality service. To achieve this, we plan to upgrade the IT infrastructure, increasing the performance and reliability of our systems. This is particularly true against the background of the rapid growth in the number of retail investors that has been observed in the stock market in recent months, " says Adil Mukhamejanov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Central Securities Depository.

The digital focus will enable optimization and automation of business processes. In total, seventeen IT initiatives have been planned aiming at expanding the range of depository services and optimizing existing business processes.

Among our key initiatives are: Introduction of an automated banking system (ABS), a corporate investor portal, a factoring platform, as well as finalization of personal accounts to establish business relations in an online format. The start of most IT initiatives’ implementation is scheduled for 2022, but some of them are already under development. These include ABS and Anti-money Laundering (AML) systems. Also today, the work is underway to develop a new, more modern website. Its launch is scheduled for the end of 2022.

“Today, the customers are more advanced and demanding than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are trying to satisfy their demand for high-quality consumer experience. In addition, all KCSD’s global clients, including international depositories Clearstream and Euroclear, are digitizing in full swing. That is why, in fact, we have developed the Digitalization Strategy for the Depository, including a number of IT initiatives, " adds Adil Mukhamejanov.

The transformation of the Central Securities Depository is not limited to the internal processes only but involves its entire brand as well. The updated logo of the Depository consists of the ‘CSD’ inscription in dark green and a red ‘K’ stylized as an arrow. Together, they make the abbreviation of the Central Securities Depository – KCSD, which means “Kazakhstan Central Securities Depository”. Unlike the logo used in the past, the new one makes an accent on letter K to highlight the organization’s relation to the Kazakhstan securities market.

The shape of the arrow signifies upward movement, dynamics, development and commitment to growth while the equi-spaced stripes symbolize order, reliability and rhythm. The new logo reflects the dynamic development of the Depository, visually emphasizing its professionalism.