Central Securities Depository JSC informs about a new service - "Holder" User Account

Central Securities Depository JSC (the Central Securities Depository) offers the new service — "Holder" User Account ("Holder" UA) at https://portal.kacd.kz from November 11, 2019.

In "Holder" UA the Central Securities Depository’s clients may:

1. Submit the orders for individual accounts as e-document:

1) order for registration of instruments’ transfer;

2) order for registration of the instruments’ purchase;

3) order for registration of the instruments’ sale;

4) order for registration of primary placement of securities;

5) order for issuance of the reporting documents on a one-time-basis.

2. Receive the reporting documents as e-document:

1) statement of individual account;

2) report on registered operations with instruments for individual account;

3) report on execution/non-execution of the order.

"Holder" UA has support of electronic digital signature, formed with the use of the Registration Certificates of the National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan (EDS). According to clause 1, article 7 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Electronic Document and Electronic Digital Signature" the electronic document, complied with the requirements of the Law and certified with the use of electronic digital signature, is equal to the signed document in paper form.

It should be pointed that it will be possible to submit the abovementioned documents for the individual accounts electronically with the use of "Holder" UA. Other methods of acceptance of the abovementioned operational documents electronically, including with the use of "DOC.KACD", aren’t provided.

Individuals — clients of the Central Securities Depository may use service "Holder" UA, having valid EDS only, without provision of any additional documents to the Central Securities Depository.

In order to connect to "Holder" UA, the Central Securities Depository’s client — legal entity has to fill in the Application Form for exchange of the e-documents with the use of UA’s method (the Annex 3 of the document "Application Forms for exchange of the operational documents between Central Securities Depository JSC and its Clients" (Application Forms), published at: /ru/normative_base/actual/policy/accept_issue/actuall/). It is necessary to fill in the Application Form in accordance with the instructions, indicated in the Application Forms (Annex 5).

Completed Application Form is necessary to send as original in paper form to one of office of the Central Securities Depository or with the use of "DOC.KACD" UA (if the client has already provided the Application Form to the Central Securities Depository for connection to "DOC.KACD" UA).

The Central Securities Depository’s offices addresses are posted on the website of the Central Securities Depository at: /ru/contacts/.