The Central Securities Depository informs on the measures taken due to COVID-19 emergency

Due to COVID-19 emergency, as well as for the purpose of reduction of disruption risks Central Securities Depository JSC (the Central Securities Depository) has developed and approved Immediate Actions Plan and taken the following measures:

- the recommendations on coronavirus infection prevention are adhered strictly;

- work in shifts and remote work are introduced;

- staff of the departments, directly involved in clients’ servicing and registration of transactions and operations, are divided between two Almaty offices of the Central Securities Depository and the backup center;

- certain staff of auxiliary departments are placed on leave based on the applications;

- services are rendered distantly to the Central Securities Depository’s clients, clients’ face-to-face servicing is made in exceptional cases;

- hard copy correspondence is accepted using special boxes in the Central Securities Depository’s offices;

- all types of staff secondment and training (courses, seminars) are cancelled;

- meetings are held and conversations are conducted by telephone and video-conference calls.