Denominations have been included in the Financial Instruments Directory

The bonds, issued in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, with the denominations of RU000A0JX0H6, RU000A0JV4Q1, RU000A0JV4P3, RU000A0JV4L2, RU000A100EF5, RU000A100A82, RU000A0ZYUB7, RU000A0ZYUA9, RU000A0JXQF2, RU000A0JXB41, RU000A0JVW48, RU000A0JS3W6, RU000A100QS2 and RU000A0ZYZ26, the issuer of which is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, have been included in the recordkeeping system of the Central Securities Depository on March 6, 2020.