The Central Securities Depository calls the issuers to connect to UA "Issuer"

Central Securities Depository JSC (the Central Securities Depository) invites the securities issuers, Asset Management Companies and Limited Liability Companies to connect to the user account "Issuer" (UA "Issuer").

UA "Issuer" is posted on the portal of the Central Securities Depository https://portal.kacd.kz.

In UA the users will enable to receive online on request the Securities Holders Register or the List of Partnership Participants, the Shareholder List for holding of the General Meeting, the List of the holders for accrual of revenues from the securities, the List of the holders for execution of payment for redemption of the securities, Letter on Major Shareholders, Letter on Securities Holders possessing by _% and more from the total quantity of the distributed securities.

The clients will enable to receive it with the use of UA to which the Central Securities Depository renders the paying agent’s services as well.

There is a support of electronic digital signature in UA formed with the use of the registration certificates of the National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In order to connect to UA, the client of the Central Securities Depository has to fill in the Application Form for exchange of the e-documents with the use of UA method (Annex 3 of the document "Application Forms for exchange of the operational documents between Central Securities Depository JSC and its clients" (the Application Forms) published on: /ru/normative_base/actual/policy/accept_issue/actuall/). It is necessary to fill in the Application Form in accordance with the instructions indicated in the Application Forms (Annex 5).

Completed Application Form is required to send as original copy in paper form to one of the offices of the Central Securities Depository or with the use of UA "DOC.KACD" (if the client has already provided the Application Form to the Central Securities Depository for connection to UA "DOC.KACD").