On numbers of personal accounts of the Central Securities Depository’s clients

The Integrated Securities Registrar JSC (the Integrated Registrar) will cease its activity starting due to reorganization in a form of takeover to Central Securities Depository JSC (the Central Securities Depository) from January 01, 2019.

The Central Securities Depository will become a cessionary for all rights and obligations of the Integrated Registrar starting from January 01, 2019.

Accordingly we draw your attention that numbers of opened in the Integrated Registrar personal accounts have been changed in the Security Holders’ Register.

You can get the information on new numbers of the personal accounts using user account "Doc.KACD" on the Central Securities Depository’s portal https://portal.kacd.kz (hereinafter referred to as Doc.KACD).

To log into Doc.KACD you should use the registration certificates of the National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Individuals should use the registration certificates issued on his/her name, whereas legal entities should use the registration certificate issued on the name of the individual, who is an employee of the legal entity.

Information on personal accounts opened on legal entity’s name can be obtained with the use of Doc.KACD without provision to the Central Securities Depository the application for the document exchange, published on the Central Securities Depository’s website ("The Application Form for exchange of the operational documents between Central Securities Depository JSC and its clients").

In addition, the information on personal accounts can be obtained by e-mail; if e-mail address of the Central Securities Depository’s client is registered in the recordkeeping system of the Central Securities Depository.